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Support the USPS With the Purchase of Hot Wheels Stamps

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The United States Postal Service’s Hot Wheels Forever stamps feature 10 of the best Hot Wheel toys ever made. With the USPS facing unprecedented budget cuts, it needs all the financial support it can get from consumers. Buying these stamps not only funnels money into the vital agency to help keep it running and providing services to all Americans, but it will also infuse some high-quality nostalgia into your life.

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“If you love cars, you more than likely love Hot Wheels. Even if you no longer collect the tiny representations of real-world vehicles and outrageous designs that would never make it on the road, as a kid you probably had a few. and if you were lucky, a track to race them on,” writes Car and Driver writer Roberto Baldwin.

Mattel’s original designs produced by Len Rizzi provide the images for the stamps. The stamps were originally introduced at the USPS in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the toy, the logo of which is on the back of the pane. The sheet of 20 stamps features two designs of each car situated diagonally in rows. The top left of the top right corner of each stamp spells out the car’s name. The bottom left or bottom right corner features “USA” and “Forever.”

Models featured on the stamp include:

  • 1990 Purple Passion, a collector’s favorite.
  • 1971 Rocket-Bye-Baby, an aggressive sports car with a rocket mounted to its roof.
  • 1994 Rigor Motor, a hot rod in the shape of a coffin. Two skulls accent the engine.
  • 1974 Rodger Dodger, a supped up muscle car.
  • 2018 Mach Speeder, fishlike frame with twin-turbo V6 hybrid engine.
  • 1969 Twin Mill, a classic Hot Wheels model.
  • 2006 Bone Shaker, hot rod with skull grille.
  • 2008 HW40, space-inspired model with a jet turbine engine.
  • 2000 Deora II, updated 1968 Deora model.
  • 1987 Sharkruiser, tail, fins, and grille with sharp teeth accentuate the model’s original design.

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Support the USPS by checking out the stamps at your local post office or online at