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Surveillance Mode Available for License from Ford

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Surveillance Mode

Surveillance Mode, which debuted on the Ford Police Interceptor, is now available to license

A little more than a year ago, we told you about Ford’s innovative Surveillance Mode for its 2014 Police Interceptor law enforcement office (LEO) vehicle. Surveillance Mode utilizes a rearview camera and a radar to detect a person approaching the Police Interceptor from the rear and subsequently alert the officer inside the vehicle by sounding a chime, rolling up the windows, locking the doors, and flashing the exterior lighting.

Now, Ford has announced that it will make Surveillance Mode available to its competitors in the efforts of better protecting police and military personnel everywhere.

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“We want to assist with and improve the security of all police officers – whether they are using a Ford Police Interceptor or a competitive vehicle,” said Randy Freiburger, Ford police and ambulance special vehicle engineering supervisor. “Combining existing Ford technologies with the development of a new control module and software has created an innovative system that improves security for police officers while they are in their vehicles.”

Surveillance Mode recently earned the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executive’s Award at NOBLE’s 38th Annual Conference and Exhibition.

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Those wishing to license the technology from Ford can visit the automaker’s Technology Licensing Portal, where information on other innovation technologies such as its inflatable safety belt can also be found.

Automobile manufacturers, law enforcement agencies, or companies wanting to purchase the Surveillance Mode system can also contact its co-developer, InterMotive, at

“Working with Ford, we have been able to bring creative solutions to the market for many years,” said Greg Schafer, president of InterMotive. “Working with Ford on this project has been especially gratifying because of the increase in officer security surveillance mode provides – officers immediately understand just how much this product can help them in the field.”