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Surprise! Survey Says Backseat Drivers Stress People Out

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2019 Ford Edge Titanium Backseat drivers stress survey

Ford sure does love a good survey, especially when the results can be used in some way or another to prop up some of its latest innovations. Recently, the Blue Oval commissioned a study to determine what causes stress on the roads over the holiday season, and as it turns out, backseat drivers are a major source of folks feeling harried.

Per the study, 54 percent of those surveyed were considered backseat drivers, including 16 percent of all male respondents and 28 percent of all female respondents. Fifty-two percent said that they feel compelled to speak up because they don’t trust the driver or other drivers, 49 percent said that they speak up out of fear, and 37 percent said that they just kind of do it as a reflex. Perhaps most interestingly, 18 percent of millennial respondents — doesn’t it just always come back to the millennials? — say that they have broken up with a significant other over backseat critiques.

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So why precisely did Ford seek out folks’ opinions on backseat driving and road rage and millennial breakup patterns? Why, to promote the 2019 Ford Edge’s standard Co-Pilot360 safety suite, of course.

“Drivers already have to play defense against enough stressful driving scenarios during holiday road travel, between the traffic, bad road conditions, pedestrians, and higher propensity of road rage,” says Angela Cascaden, Edge consumer marketing manager at Ford Motor Company. “Ford Co-Pilot360, and other technology features in the new 2019 Ford Edge, are making cars smarter — helping drivers navigate stressful situations so they can enjoy the experience behind the wheel.”

Okay, sure, but does the Ford Edge have a soundproof dungeon that you can banish passengers to when they start badmouthing your driving? Isn’t that what we really need?

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