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Survey: Drivers in Europe More Stressed by Commute Than Work

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Ford’s European Commuter Survey

Chances are pretty good if you ask the average person about the greatest source of stress in their life, the first answer you’ll get is that it’s an individual’s job. According to a new mobility survey conducted by Ford Europe, many commuters throughout Europe find the commute to the office far more stressful than the actual workday.

Ford’s European Commuter Survey polled 5,503 commuters across six countries: Barcelona, Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, and Rome. The results found that 26% of respondents find commuting to be stressful compared to 23% who say that work is stressful.

Among the things considered less stressful than commuting to work: moving into a new home and going to the dentist. The survey also revealed that 63% of those polled said they were late to work at least once a month and 27% said that they were late at least three times a month.

Ford’s European Commuter Survey

Revelations from the UK Office of National Statistics’ recent study support these findings; according to the “Does Commuting Affect Well-being?” survey, every additional minute spent commuting has an effect on anxiety, happiness, and well-being.

“For many people it can feel like they have done a full day before they have even set foot in the office,” said Andreas Ostendorf, vice president, Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering, Ford of Europe. “Society is becoming increasingly urban with cities growing in size and number, and we need a transport infrastructure that can keep pace with that expansion. Protecting the freedom of mobility requires more than just new train routes and roads, we all have to work together on a network of interconnected and sustainable solutions.”