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Sustainable Products to Bring on Your Road Trip

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Road Trip Handheld Map sustainable products
Photo: Francesco Paggiaro

When packing up your vehicle for your next road trip, you have to make strategic decisions about what items to bring along for the ride. If you’re concerned about being eco-conscious on the drive, consider packing more sustainable products for your adventure.

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Although travel-sized toiletries are convenient to pack, they can end up creating a lot of waste if you only purchase single-use plastics. A more sustainable approach is to pack containers and bottles for your products that can be reused and refilled for different trips. Another positive of reusable items is you won’t need to keep replacing your travel-sized shampoo or lotion bottle after each road trip, saving you time and money over time.

Water bottles

Plastic water bottles not only eat up your wallet but also are not eco-friendly. For your next road trip, rather than stock up on cases of water bottles, purchase a metal or reusable plastic water bottle for each of your passengers. Ideally, the bottle should large enough where you can wait to fill it up until you reach your next rest stop.


If you want to purchase a souvenir at your destination, choose to shop from local stores instead of chain stores. Many chain stores carry fast fashion brands, which ultimately harm the environment. Before buying a souvenir, you can also research the store to help you decide whether or not you want to support that business.

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You have the ability to make your travels more environmentally friendly with sustainable products. Whether you decide to simply purchase a metal straw or opt to replace all your plastic items with reusable alternatives, you are taking steps to have a greener road trip.