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Swagger’ll Cost Ya: 2015 Toyota Sienna Pricing Announced

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2015 Toyota Sienna pricing

2015 Toyota Sienna pricing announced

Toyota’s been putting lots and lots of emphasis on its upcoming 2015 Toyota Sienna minivan. By marketing it as a “Swagger Wagon” (another way of Toyota admitting minivans are lame and trying to disguise them as something cool), Toyota hopes to draw in young parents who need the space a minivan provides, but don’t want the stigma that usually accompanies the dreaded M-word. However, along with that new, hip rep comes a not-so-hip price jump.

While the 2014 Sienna started at $26,920, its replacement’s starting MSRP comes in at $28,600 for the base-level L trim. However, if you truly want your wagon to have all the swagger, you’re looking at an MSRP of $46,150 for the top-level LTD Premium with all-wheel drive.

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Although it’ll cost you close to $2,000 more to get behind the wheel of a 2015 Sienna than the 2014 model, the redesigned minivan does offer plenty of perks that its predecessor was lacking. The 2015 Sienna isn’t an all-new model, but a refresh of the current generation. A softer-touch interior allows for increased comfort, and metallic accents on various interior parts make the 2015 Sienna much more visually appealing than previously. Additionally, all Sienna models come with 3-zone automatic climate control, which is a first for this model. The most notable addition to the Sienna’s features list is the optional Driver Easy Speak, which amplifies the driver’s voice to back-seat passengers via a built-in microphone to eliminate yelling and distractions.

2015 Toyota Sienna pricing will be as follows (please note that these numbers do not include the delivery, processing, and handling [DPH] fee of $885):

Grade Engine Transmission 2015 MSRP
Sienna L FWD V6 6AT $28,600
Sienna LE FWD V6 6AT $31,330
Sienna LE AWD V6 6AT $33,860
Sienna SE FWD V6 6AT $34,900
Sienna SE Premium V6 6AT $39,680
Sienna XLE FWD V6 6AT $35,100
Sienna XLE Premium FWD V6 6AT $38,355
Sienna XLE AWD V6 6AT $37,300
Sienna XLE Premium AWD V6 6AT $40,555
Sienna LTD FWD V6 6AT $41,650
Sienna LTD Premium FWD V6 6AT $45,020
Sienna LTD AWD V6 6AT $42,780
Sienna LTD Premium AWD V6 6AT $46,150