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“Sweet Pea” Datsun Pickup Joins the Heritage Collection

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“Sweet Pea” Datsun Truck

When it comes to cars, there are many ways they can be treated in a household. To some people, they are only a way to get around town and back home again. For the rest of us, though, our cars hold a special place in our hearts, acquiring names and personalities. One of those beloved vehicles, named “Sweet Pea,” has just earned a place in the Nissan Heritage Collection.

The truck in question is a 1971 Datsun 1600 pickup truck, bought in November of that year in Nashville by Marvin Askew. While Askew didn’t name the truck, he drove it for about 42 years and kept in pristine condition. When businessman Dan Tito saw it being serviced in 2014, he knew he had to add it to his collection. According to Tito, he could tell that the vehicle had been well cared for, and Askew only sold the truck when he realized that Tito was a dedicated collector and would take proper care of the classic.

From Tito’s collection, the now-named “Sweet Pea” was given to Nissan’s Heritage Collection, where it now resides. Check out the video from Nissan below and learn more about this resilient truck and the miles on its odometer from the original owner.