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Tackle Tailgating with the Honda Ridgeline

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tailgating with the Honda Ridgeline

Ever gone tailgating with the Honda Ridgeline?

As much as KFC and FOX NFL Sunday want to make you accept couchgating as an unhealthy alternative to regular tailgating, it just will never compare—and for good reason. Real tailgating is some work; you have to gather your friends, collect enough food and cold ones for the afternoon, and then go grill out and chill outside the stadium until game time.

To do all of this, you need a sturdy, heavy-duty vehicle such as a pickup-truck, which has always been the official tailgating vehicle. To couchgate, on the other hand, all you need is…a mouth. We’ve like to present our number one pick for tailgating this week: The Honda Ridgeline.

While the Honda Ridgeline is, comparatively, a pretty small pickup, it’s perfect for tailgating. As long as you are not carting Clydesdales to your pre-game celebrations with your Buds, the Ridgeline will suit your needs just fine. It has a deceptive amount of storage space—there is an In-Bed Trunk® hiding extra space under the cab.

The Ridgeline is our number one pick for game day… will you be cooking up some burgers next to a Ridgeline this week?