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Take a Mobile Hotel from Los Angeles to San Francisco

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Cabin mobile hotel
Los Angeles
Photo: Pixabay

Cruising down the coast in your vehicle can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. However, making that same trip on little sleep can be challenging. That’s why Cabin launched the mobile hotel.

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The function of the mobile hotel

Cabin’s mobile hotel was originally a double-decker traveling hotel back in 2017. The bottom floor contained bunk beds for sleeping, while the top floor had space for socializing and lounging around.

After receiving some feedback that guests preferred sleeping accommodations to interacting with other passengers, Cabin redesigned the mobile hotel. Now, a floor no longer separates the vehicle into two floors. Instead, bunks have been placed on top of each other so there’s room for everyone to take a snooze.

For the most comfortable ride, you can opt for a “bump-cancelling” bed, which makes it easier to sleep by reducing the intensity of bumps. To further add to the comfortable experience, the driver is instructed to speaker more softly and the lighting surrounding the cubbies is dim.

When you pay for your room, you also receive complimentary slippers, earplugs, water, and even melatonin gummies. The bathroom is roomy enough for you to prepare for the day or a nap. There’s even a hot-towel service near the end of the trip.

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The Cabin can take up to 22 passengers between San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can take a trip to either city beginning at the price of $119. Although there is something magical about taking a road trip with friends, it will be interesting to see if this becomes a popular mode of transportation as well.

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