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Gamers Rise Up and Help Design the Team Fordzilla P1 Virtual Race Car

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Team Fordzilla P1 virtual racing car animated
Photo: Ford

Ford wants gamers to help in the creation of what it calls the “ultimate virtual racing car.” Codenamed Team Fordzilla P1, this all-original virtual car will be designed in part by the captains of the Fordzilla esports teams from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

“Coming up with a no-holds barred race car for the virtual world is when the gloves come off and the design team can really let their imaginations fly. The expertise of gamers is crucial to ensuring that this will be the best-looking car on the grid,” said Amko Leenarts, director of Design, Ford of Europe.

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How you can help shape the Team Fordzilla P1 virtual race car

The project seeks the input of expert gamers in designing a virtual race car that is not based on anything currently available in any physical form. The end result will reflect Ford’s Human-Centric Design approach and, who knows, may even result in a real-world concept. To achieve this, Ford designers are posting polls on the Fordzilla Twitter account asking for votes on every detail of the car’s creation.

The most recent poll went up Thursday morning, asking Twitter whether the ideal driver positioning would be lying down or sitting upright and low to the ground. Voting will continue until Friday morning. So far, four polls have determined that the car in question will be a mid-engine two-seated with a closed cockpit and integrated wheels.

Let’s just hope that Homer Simpson 1) doesn’t exist in the real world (or whatever weird world this is) 2) doesn’t have a Twitter account 3) doesn’t contribute to this poll in any way. Though, come to think of it, who wouldn’t want to drive a high-powered version of The Homer?

Captains for the five Fordzilla teams are

  • Donald Reignoux (France)
  • Aengelo Bülow (Germany)
  • Sara Stefanizzi (Italy)
  • Jose Iglesias (Spain)
  • Leah Alexandra (U.K.)

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