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Technology Aids Cities in Fight Against Potholes

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Potholes are like weeds. They spring up everywhere often without warning. They are an eyesore and hard to remove. Plus, potholes, unlike weeds (unless the weeds have grown over your car and effectively trapped it in a web of stems and leaves), can do serious damage to your car.

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Since potholes tend to sprout like weeds, it’s difficult for transportation departments to stay one step ahead of the damage, until maybe now.

“Some local governments are turning to data and technology to find and fix potholes,” according to Stateline reporter Jenni Bergal. “Some are even trying to predict where they’ll open up.”

This pothole whispering technology is made possible by apps, like the one residents of San Diego, Omaha, and Hartford can use to report potholes, Bergal writes.

“In Houston, residents can check out the Pothole Tracker app or log onto a website and see graphics and charts showing the city’s progress in fixing them,” she adds.

Taking it one step further, cities in New York and Missouri are utilizing data analytics to not only track and report the presence of potholes, but to also forecast where potholes might make their ugly mark next.

“In Syracuse, New York, officials are using data that will track and visualize trends around potholes. And a Kansas City, Missouri, pilot project is using algorithms to try to predict where potholes will show up,” reports Bergal.

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Depending on the size and scope of a pothole, drivers who hit one can suffer from a moment of annoyance to a drawn-out experience of expensive vehicular repairs. With technology advancements and apps, transportation departments might be one step closer in helping to effectively rid roadways of these dangerous weeds.

News Source: Stateline