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Teen’s License Revoked After Whopping 49 Minutes

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No matter where you live, earning your driver’s license is an exciting time. You’re finally free to get behind the wheel of a car without someone next to you, and you can (theoretically) go wherever you want to. For one German teenager, that freedom was a bit too intoxicating and he managed to lose his license in 49 minutes.

That’s not a typo. It wasn’t 49 hours, it was 49 minutes. Just about 82 percent of an hour.


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According to German police, an 18-year-old driver took all of the courses required, logged the time with an instructor, and passed both tests to win his coveted license in the town of Hemer, west of Düsseldorf. 49 minutes later, officers used a laser gun to check his speed. Not only was he speeding, going 95 km/h, he was going nearly twice the posted legal limit of 50 km/h.

Inside the car, police found the newly-minted driver and four friends with him (which seems like a lot unless he had a huge SUV). Officials speculate that the high speeds were an attempt to impress them with his “skills”.

In its statement, the regional police of Märkischer Kreis remarked that “Some things last forever – others not for an hour.”

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While everyone is getting a good laugh out of this, which is a punishment itself in the age of social media, the driver’s consequences for reckless driving are quite serious. Police completely revoked his license for four weeks, and he needs to pay a €200 fine. Not only that, but he is going to need pricey retraining to get the license back at all, and when he does eventually have his privileges restored he’ll get two points on his record and his new driver probationary period has doubled from two to four years.

Smooth move, dude. We bet your friends are super impressed now.

News Source: BBC News