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Tesla’s Supercharger Network Expands to Boston and Chicago to Make EV Technology More Accessible

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Tesla supercharging station

One of Tesla’s Supercharging stations
Photo: Wikimedia Commonse

While electric vehicles provide an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuel, there are still some barriers that make owning one impractical. While homeowners with garages have the capacity to charge the vehicle overnight, urban residents who live in apartments typically don’t have access to a personal garage. No wonder that around 70% of millennials have no interest in buying an electric vehicle, according to a study published in Forbes.

Tesla’s latest announcement is expected to make EV technology more accessible to the average person, particularly those who live in urban settings. The company just announced that it will extend its supercharger network to central urban locations, will help eradicate this problem. The first two cities on its expansion list are Boston and Chicago.

Tesla will install charging stations in public areas like shopping centers, supermarkets, and downtown areas. The idea is to provide electric vehicle users an easily-accessible place to recharge their car while they run errands or pickup groceries.

Tesla’s Supercharger stations are both wallet-friendly and reasonably quick to use. Powering up at one of the existing supercharger stations costs less than fueling up at a conventional gas station. Currently, Tesla stations take about 20 minutes to deliver more than 100 miles of range to an EV; the company is actively fine tuning this technology to reduce charging times.

We anticipate further updates as Tesla unrolls more Supercharger stations in urban locations. It definitely promises to help smooth the way for a more widespread adoption of EV technology, which is essential if America is to ever wean off of its reliance on conventional fuel.

Source: Jalopnik, Forbes