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Texas Man Insists Speeding Isn’t a Crime, Compares Police to Nazis

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Scott Richardson, 49, was pulled over in Addison, Texas, on May 2nd for speeding (50 mph in a 40 mph zone). However, rather than provide his license and proof of insurance, he argued with the officer, telling him that, in Texas, according to the DA, speeding in and of itself is not a crime. Watch his cell phone video below (with his annotations):

He also argued that the officer had no right to stop him, asking, “As a man, what right do you have to stop another man?”

Richardson is both correct and incorrect. Texas operates under a “prima facie” speed limit law, which basically means that, in this case, so long as Richardson was driving in a sufficiently safe manner, it is legal to exceed the speed limit.

However, by exceeding the speed limit, Richardson is “presumed” to be speeding, which gives the officer cause to pull him over.

Eventually, Richardson’s refusal to cooperate led to the officer smashing his window and taking him out of the car. In the end, Richardson wasn’t charged with speeding – he was charged with driving with an invalid license, driving with an expired license plate, and failure to present his license upon lawful demand.

Richardson defended his actions, saying “This is not Nazi Germany.”

Also, CBS reports that he plans to represent himself in court.

We bet he will.