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Texas Police Officer Has Close Call with a Speedster

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A Wilmer Police had to be thanking his lucky stars after a close call with a speedster on Wednesday morning.

As the police cruiser approached a Texas freeway, a car lost control — going airborne — and nearly smashed into the police car. Check out the officer’s dash cam footage below.

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The speeding 2018 Audi drove off I-45 at such a quick pace that Sergeant Carl Laza did not even see it. To be honest, it’s hard for us to see it on the dash cam footage as well. Laza thought it was a tornado.

According to police, the Audi driver is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Wilmer Police did not mention whether they would charge the driver or not.

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Sergeant Laza was out completing the rest of his night patrol when this incident occurred. We’re sure he slept well that night. We would have been up half the night reliving it in our heads.

Source: CBS Local DFW