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Thai Boy Wins Chevrolet Ultimate Dream Car Contest

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Thai boy poses with winning Chevrolet ultimate dream car drawing

Nine-year-old Kwin Onglaor poses with his original drawing and prize 3D model

A nine-year-old boy in Thailand, Kwin Onglaor, received a pleasant surprise in the mail when he got a package from Chevrolet containing a 3D model of a vehicle he himself had designed.

The model was a result of Chevy’s “ultimate dream car” challenge, which invited parents from around the world to send in drawings that their son or daughter had made of their ideal vehicle. GM would select a child from each market and reward him or her with a three-dimensional model of their drawing.

“We found out about the challenge online,” said Kwin’s mother, Dalin Onglaor. “We encouraged Kwin to participate, to reduce the time he may otherwise spend on a tablet computer. We were very surprised when we found out that Kwin’s drawing was being made into a 3D model by Chevrolet.”

Drawing and 3D model of winning Chevrolet ultimate dream car

“The name of my car is simply Chevrolet Supercar,” said Kwin (and hey, it’s a better name than “Bolt”). “Instead of being just a car, it must be able to fly. It must also be able to transform into a boat and a submarine,” Kwin added.

Sounds good to us! Kwin says he hopes to make the vehicle a reality when he grows up and works as an automotive designer. He adds that he was inspired by the spy movies he watches (including, perhaps, some formative viewings of the amphibious Lotus in The Spy Who Loved Me?)

“Even the most experienced designers face certain restrictions formed by life’s experiences and reality. Children have no such boundaries,” said Jeeranut Sangdee, Director of Communications for GM Thailand and Chevrolet Sales Thailand. “Therefore, as much as we hope to inspire a new generation of designers amongst children, we also hope this exercise reenergize and provide new inspiration to our designers to keep coming up with groundbreaking designs that place our cars and trucks ahead of the rest.”