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The 2019 Blazer Capless Fuel Fill System is Cooler than I Thought

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2019 Chevrolet Blazer

The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer
Photo: Mark Najjar for Chevrolet

About a month ago, Chevrolet finally pulled back the curtain on the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer, reviving a classic name for an all-new crossover filled with the latest Chevy has to offer. One of these features is a capless fuel filler system, which is actually only in use on one other Chevy crossover, the 2018 Traverse. It proves that even small things can offer surprising benefits.

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The capless fuel filler

First, here’s how the 2019 Blazer’s capless fuel filler system works. The old-fashioned gas cap is gone, replaced by two little flaps, or doors, in the short passage to the fuel chamber. They move aside when you put a gas filling station nozzle into the port, similar to one-way valves used in other plumbing applications.


Some of the benefits of this system are immediately apparent. If you don’t have the gas cap, you can’t ever accidentally forget to put it back on or get it screwed on wrong, or even lose the gas cap (as a friend of mine actually did a few times). Also, tossing the gas cap helps protect your car’s paint, as the swinging cap can’t bump into the side of your car and gradually cover the side in tiny scrapes.

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Other benefits are less obvious. For one thing, since you don’t have to unscrew a cap, you don’t have to get your hands in whatever dirt has accumulated, or take off your gloves in colder weather to get at the thing. Then, since you don’t have to fit your hand in the fuel filler cap area anymore, it can be significantly smaller and less obtrusive on the 2019 Blazer’s exterior. Also, the double-door system sealed with rubber gaskets prevents the age-old problem of a check engine light coming on due to an insufficiently sealed gas cap.

The 2019 Blazer and its capless fuel fill system are coming to Chevy dealerships in early 2019. Here’s hoping that the latter of those makes its way to even more Chevy vehicles soon.

News Source: GM Authority