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The 5 Best Holiday Decorations for Your Car

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The holidays are upon us and that means decorating every inch of your house, inside and out. But why stop there? If you truly want to get into the holiday spirit, there’s no better way to do so than driving around in an awesome car that practically screams, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!”

Whether you are looking to go all out with your holiday car decorations, or want something understated, yet tasteful, there is a way to decorate just for you. Here are five of my favorite holiday car decorations from years past:

[wptab name=”The Snoopy Look”]

Car Decoration Snoopy Presents

The Snoopy Look

There are few Christmas movies that are as beloved as A Charlie Brown Christmas. Bring this fan favorite to life by adding a Santa Snoopy to the top of your car while you’re driving around town. Top it off with some presents and garland and you’re all set! Just make sure you don’t drive at high speeds with Snoopy riding on your roof—you wouldn’t want to endanger other drivers and lose your Snoopy in the process.


[wptab name=”Blue Lightning”]

Car Decoration Blue Lights

Blue Lightning

Who wouldn’t want to look like something out of a sci-fi movie while they’re driving? Cover your car with blue Christmas lights—or Christmas lights of any color, really. The effect is awesome when you’re driving along and is sure to catch the eye of everyone, showing off your love of the holidays.


[wptab name=”Inflatable Heaven”]

Car Decoration Inflatables

Inflatable Heaven

This is another decoration we would suggest keeping off the highway, but it’s a great idea! Chose a few of your favorite inflatable yard decorations and rope them to your roof. You can even set up a trailer like this person and have more on the back of your car! Even if you don’t have a classic car like these drivers, you will still turn heads with your holiday spirit.


[wptab name=”Stuffed Animal Palooza”]

Car Decoration Stickers

Stuffed Animal Palooza

Who wouldn’t notice Santa driving around town with a whole bunch of stuffed animals attached to his car? Gather up any old stuffed animals you have lying around the house and attached them to your car. You can even affix Santa hats to their heads for a nice festive touch. Use other holiday-oriented appliqués to truly add to the Christmas feel of your car.


[wptab name=”Simple and Sweet”]

Car Decoration Wreath

Simple and Sweet

Sometimes, simple is the way to go. If you simply tie a festive wreath to the front of your car, it’s enough! No matter the car you have, a wreath is a great way to spruce it up for the holidays.