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The Basics of Accessible Van Insurance Coverage

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Upfitted 2019 Chrysler Pacifica minivan with ramp

When you purchase an accessible van for your wheelchair, that modified vehicle doesn’t receive some special “accessible van insurance.” It’s subject to the same coverage policies from the same insurance companies every other vehicle is. However, as a driver with a disability, there are certain things you need to consider when applying for car insurance.

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3 important aspects of buying accessible van insurance

Detailed disclosure

When you enroll in an insurance policy to cover your van, you have to report all of the modifications on it. Simply reporting the VIN number or the model isn’t enough information for the insurance company, so don’t assume that they know more than they do. You also need to disclose any restrictions on your license or driving privileges. If you’re not honest about all this information up-front, it can get you in trouble when you actually make a claim.

Higher rates

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits insurance companies from charging you more to insure purely based on your condition. However, they can still charge you a high rate due to the van’s “heavy” modification and the statistical risk of insuring someone with your characteristics. Shop around to find the company offering the best rates and coverage.

Thorough coverage

You don’t want a bare-bones insurance coverage for your uniquely modified (and therefore expensive) van, because a limited policy may not include said modifications when you make a claim. Talk with a representative to determine everything they’re covering and if the agreed-upon collision and comprehensive coverage are enough to replace damaged modifications. If your insurance policy provides a temporary loaner car in interim, make sure you’ll receive one you can drive.

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