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The Best Accessories For Your Lifted Truck

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A lifted truck provides plenty of benefits, but this major modification can add some unforeseen challenges to your daily drive. Here’s a look at some accessories that will make driving a lifted truck easier and more comfortable.

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Easy-to-install accessories

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Bed ramp

A lifted truck may be just a few inches taller, but even that seemingly slight change in height can make quite a difference when it comes to loading large items into the truck bed. For an easier time loading everything from boxes to bicycles, consider investing in a bed ramp for your truck.

Drop hitch

If you use your truck for trailering, a drop hitch is essential. Since your trailer isn’t lifted, a drop hitch helps you maintain a level trailer height and cut down on trailer sway. Some drop hitches accommodate up to 16 inches of lift, so you’re sure to find one that suits your truck.

Running boards or side steps

Entering and exiting a lifted truck can be a challenge for some passengers, especially if your ride does double duty as a family vehicle. You can give smaller passengers a leg up with running boards or side steps. Some of these accessories even offer power folding, so they can tuck away when you’re driving.

Air helper springs

To improve your ride quality and enhance the stability of your tall truck, consider picking up an air helper spring kit for your truck’s make and model. Many kits include no-drill installation, so they’re pretty straightforward to add to your truck.

Speedometer calibrator

Many lifted trucks sport larger-than-stock tires, which can throw your vehicle’s speedometer out of whack. You can correct this issue with a speedometer calibrator. They typically offer a straightforward USB connection and setup software, which makes it easy to get your truck back on track.

Cylinder-assist steering kits

Steering can feel sluggish in a lifted truck. If you pick up a cylinder-assist steering kit, you’ll have a little extra muscle to help turn those oversized wheels. Before you buy, make sure the kit includes all of the hoses and fittings you need to perform the installation.

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