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The Chevy Safety Assist Package Includes These 6 High-Tech Features

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Rear side view of 2022 Chevrolet Equinox Premier driving down road
The 2022 Equinox comes standard with Chevy Safety Assist
Photo: Chevrolet

Not long ago, advanced safety systems were primarily offered only as deluxe options on higher vehicle trim levels. Now, though, more and more automakers are providing these technologies as standard features. As part of this trend, Chevrolet is rolling out the Chevy Safety Assist package across its lineup.

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The majority of 2022 Chevrolet models, including the Equinox and the refreshed Silverado, are now equipped with standard Chevy Safety Assist. However, the package isn’t yet offered on models that are several years into their current generation and due for a redesign. Here’s a closer look at the six technologies that come with Chevy Safety Assist.

Forward Collision Alert

As you drive, Forward Collision Alert keeps watch on the road — and other vehicles — ahead of you with cameras and sensors. This system emits visual and auditory alerts if you’re following another vehicle too closely or in danger of getting into a front-end crash. That way you can steer or brake as necessary to avoid a collision.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking works closely with Forward Collision Alert, with one important addition. If it detects that you’re in imminent danger of a frontal crash, this technology automatically hits the brakes by itself or supplements your own braking. This can help to mitigate collisions or help you avoid them altogether. AEB is primarily designed to work during daylight hours and when you’re driving under 50 mph.

2022 Chevrolet Silverado LT Front Side View, in front of a mountain
The 2022 Silverado is getting Chevy Safety Assist as part of its refresh
Photo: Chevrolet

Front Pedestrian Braking

Front Pedestrian Braking is a lot like Automatic Emergency Braking, except that it watches out for pedestrians instead of other vehicles. If you can’t hit the brakes in time yourself, this system’s automatic braking kicks in, helping to prevent the vehicle from inflicting serious injuries.

Following Distance Indicator

Typically, you’ll want to maintain a following distance of at least 3 seconds when you’re behind another vehicle. That way, you’ll have time to react and slow or stop if necessary. Chevy’s Following Distance Indicator assists you with this, estimating how many seconds are between you and the car ahead of you so you can maintain a safe gap.

Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning

Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning does exactly what its name indicates. The Lane Departure Warning system monitors whether you’re staying in your lane and alerts you if you cross the line. Meanwhile, Lane Keep Assist nudges the steering wheel to help you get back on track.


When the IntelliBeam system is activated, your Chevy’s high-beam headlights will automatically switch on if there’s no oncoming traffic or vehicles in front of you. If the sensor detects other vehicles, it will switch back to normal illumination.

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