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5 Best Car-Related Roadside Attractions in the US

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A view of the art installation at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas
Cadillac Ranch
Photo: Neal Wellons

One of the many reasons that road trips are so appealing is because they give you an opportunity to see some of the greatest roadside attractions in the United States. Alongside your giant baskets and humungous dinosaurs, there are also several car-related attractions worth checking out. Here are five to consider the next time you hit the open road.

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1. Cadillac Ranch

Amarillo, Texas, is home to one of the best-known roadside attractions in the United States: Cadillac Ranch. A group of artists created the art installment in 1974, burying 10 Cadillac roadsters so only their rear ends stick out of the ground. The attraction is open year-round and there is no admission, so you can roll up any time of the day (or night) to see these unique graffitied cars.

2. Truckhenge

Trucks sticking out of the ground at Truckhenge near Topeka, Kansas
Photo: Stefan Powell via CC

Sure, Stonehenge is one of the coolest and most baffling attractions in the world, but it has nothing on Truckhenge. This roadside attraction in Topeka, Kansas, consists of six antique trucks buried in the ground a la Stonehenge and painted to resemble the famous stones. Truckhenge was created by Ron Lessman, whose family has been farming the land for centuries. If trucks aren’t your thing, you can catch a more car-centered version at Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska.

3. VW Slug Bug Ranch

Painted Volkswagen Beetles sticking out of the ground at VW Slug Bug Ranch in Conway, Texas
VW Slug Bug Ranch
Photo: Jennifer Kirkland via CC

If you’re taking a trip to Cadillac Ranch, make sure you also take the time to stop at the VW Slug Bug Ranch. Located in Conway, Texas, the Bug Ranch is the Cadillac Ranch for Volkswagen lovers and is located just a few miles east of Cadillac Ranch. The VW Beetles are buried nose down, showing off the graffiti on their hoods. It’s unknown who owns the VW Slug Bug Ranch, or who created it in the first place.

4. Henry’s Rabbit Ranch

Cars buried in the ground on Route 66 at Henry's Rabbit Ranch in Staunton, Illinois
Henry’s Rabbit Ranch
Photo: PICRYL via CC/Public Domain

While Henry’s Rabbit Ranch in Staunton, Illinois isn’t exactly car-focused, it still has plenty of terrific cars to grab your attention. Rich Henry originally started the ranch when his daughter’s rabbits did what rabbits do and reproduced. Located on Route 66, this attraction has a Stonehenge-like area made entirely out of Volkswagen Rabbits. Other non-car-related attractions include a giant fiberglass jackrabbit and a rabbit graveyard where the ranch’s former residents are buried.

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5. VW Beetle Spider

A VW Beetle reimagined as a spider in Avoca, Iowa
VW Beetle Spider
Photo: Duncan Rawlinson via CC

Make sure you avoid this attraction if you’re scared of spiders — but if you love VW Beetles, this should definitely be on your list. The VW Beetle Spider is located in Avoca, Iowa. It hovers over the ground making for the perfect photo opportunity. Just don’t be around when the sun goes down — you never know if this spider will come to life!

If you’re on the West Coast, there’s a similar sculpture in Palm Springs, California. You can’t get as close to this one as you can the one in Iowa, but it still makes for an impressive selfie. Weirdly, there is another VW Beetle spider sculpture in Carson, City, Nevada.