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‘The Haunted Road’ Drive-Thru Experience Coming to Save Halloween

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The Haunted Road drive-thru Halloween experience
The Haunted Road drive-thru Halloween experience comes to Orlando this fall
Photo: The Haunted Road

If you were worried that COVID-19 would spell the end of haunted attractions in 2020, you’d best buckle up. The brave and the squeamish alike are invited to travel The Haunted Road this fall, a drive-thru Halloween experience in Central Florida that offers a socially distant alternative to the traditional haunted house.

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The Haunted Road promises a fully immersive horror experience replete with monsters and gore galore — which should ring like theremin music to your ears if going to haunts is your Halloween tradition of choice. The difference here is that you’ll experience the world of nightmarish scenery and gruesome creatures entirely from the comfort of your vehicle. So, kind of like a haunted hayride, but with heated leather seats.

‘The Haunted Road’ promises socially distant scares

The idea for The Haunted Road was borne from the idea of creating an original haunted attraction that adheres to safe social distancing measures. Most haunted attractions place visitors into smaller spaces and encourage performers to get up close and personal to secure the scare. But with the coronavirus pandemic raging on, that in-your-face approach is largely unfeasible and could lead most haunts to remain closed for the 2020 season. And that’s where The Haunted Road comes riding in like a headless horseman poised to save Halloween.

“With the arts and entertainment industry at a standstill, and an increasing need to find new, safe outdoor entertainment, we knew it was the perfect time to develop a unique Halloween experience so everyone can enjoy a dose of horror this upcoming Halloween season, from the comfort of their car,” said Jessica Mariko, executive producer and creative principal, The Haunted Road.

At the heart of the experience is an original take on the story of Rapunzel. On The Haunted Road, Rapunzel “journeys into a world of disarray, faces bloodcurdling creatures — and hundreds of shocking scares.” There will also be a more family-friendly daytime version of the event on weekdays.

The Haunted Road is in the process of casting actors and volunteers, and virtual auditions are scheduled to take place from Aug. 13-16. A Kickstarter campaign is also being planned. You can learn more about the haunt and sign up for updates at The Haunted Road’s website.

More information on The Haunted Road drive-thru Halloween experience will be available as we creep ever closer to the season of the witch. Stay tuned, boils and ghouls!  

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