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The Kings Island Antique Car Ride Will Return in 2019

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Kings Island is reviving one of its most beloved opening day attractions after it was shut down 14 years ago

A blast from the past is making its way to Kings Island
Photo:Kings Island

During the past few weeks, Kings Island, an amusement park located right outside of Cincinnati, had been dropping some major hints about an upcoming attraction for the park’s 2019 season. Said hints revealed that the new ride would actually be a revitalized version of a classic Kings Island attraction that was no longer located at the park.

Many in the roller coaster community began speculating that the infamous Son of the Beast would be making its return to Kings Island next year. During the press event for the new ride, those predictions were proven wrong. Still, the ride that was revealed is perhaps even more iconic and beloved that the Beast’s offspring.

Kings Island revealed that the “Antique Cars” would make its way back to to the park next year.

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Originally named “Les Taxis,” the antique cars were an opening day attraction for Kings Island. The ride was operational between 1972 and 2004, when it was eventually torn down to make room for the Backlot Stunt Coaster.

The loss of the antique cars was upsetting for many of the park’s guests. Especially among young visitors, it was a Kings Island favorite.

“When we ask guests what they would like to see return to Kings Island, the most popular response, by far, is the antique cars,” said Mike Koontz, vice president and general manager of Kings Island. “For so many,it’s an attraction they remember riding with family or it was their first ‘driving’ experience as a kid.That’s why I think it holds such a special place in their hearts.”

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Exactly 14 years after Les Taxis closed, Kings Island announced that the ride would be returning to the park in spring 2019. It will now have a new name: the Kings Mills Antique Autos.

The antique cars will be located in the Coney Mall section of Kings Island, just across from the Juke Box Café. The ride’s track is said to be a quarter mile in length, and the attraction will last a total of three minutes.

The ride vehicles resemble a classic Ford Model T
Photo:Kings Island

Much like the original Les Taxis ride vehicles, the new cars will be based on the 1911 Ford Model T. The vehicles have been given a few modern upgrades, but will retain their vintage feel.

Those who were hoping for a 17th roller coaster at the park need not worry too much. Documents that Kings Island recently submitted to the state of Ohio reveal that the park is working on something big for 2020.

In the meantime, guests can enjoy a leisurely ride at Kings Island’s latest family attraction starting next year.

Source: Kings Island