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The Moghome is a Motorhome You Can Take Anywhere

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Ziegler Adventure's Moghome
Photo: Ziegler Adventure

Meet the Moghome. Built by the Germany company Ziegler Adventure (and certified by Mercedes-Benz, as you can tell from the badge), this monstrosity of a vehicle could just be what you need to go on your next camping adventure, provided you choose a destination virtually inaccessible for almost any motorized vehicle.

Because where most motorized vehicles cannot go, this one can. The Moghome is based on the Unimog, a multi-purpose all-wheel-drive Daimler truck whose specialty is to conquer any and all terrains. It boasts 20 inches of ground clearance, can ford waters up to 3.9 feet deep, and climb steep heels without breaking a sweat (though you might want to secure your belongings).

It’s powered by a 5.1-liter diesel engine producing 250 horsepower and a whopping 664 lb-ft of torque, with power routed to all four wheels. There’s a front, rear, and center locking differential as well as low-range gears for better traction off road.

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Building upon the Unimog, Ziegler Adventure added a shower area, a diesel heater, and a supremely well-equipped kitchen area featuring a microwave oven, Miele oven, diesel heater, two induction hob plates, and several aluminum storage boxes.

And that’s just the standard stuff. Optional equipment includes a flat-screen TV, air conditioning for the camper area, radio, and a bike carrier.

Because you’re expected to drive the thing far away from any hint of civilization, the Moghome also boasts a 320-Ah lithium-ion battery pack, a 240-watt solar charging system, and 230-liter water tank to feed the shower cabin (as well as a Webasto boiler and Biolit 97 water filter to make said shower feel like you’re really at home).

If the zombie apocalypse ever does take place and you need a vehicle to get as far away as possible from any sign of civilization, the Moghome certainly seems like the kind of vehicle you’d want to have in your garage. Or rather, garages. Because this one costs about $420,000.

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