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Real-Life Mario Kart Racers Terrorize Security in London Mall

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VIDEO: Mario and Company Take Over a London Mall

Growing up in the ’90s made Mario Kart an essential part of my childhood. Though I was always delegated to the less loved parts since I was the youngest in my family (hello, my name is Toad), it didn’t diminish my love for the game any less.

So when I found out a group of Londoners dressed up as Mario Kart characters had a real-life race through a mall, I couldn’t help but get excited.

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Earlier this week, a crew of go-karters dressed as beloved originally Mario Kart characters (minus Toad) took to London’s Westfield Shopping Centre mall for what might be the greatest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Banana peels were thrown, people were confused, security was angry, and a monkey was involved. Granted, it was a guy dressed up like a monkey, but still.

While the reasoning behind this stunt is unknown—though I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t just for fun—Jalopnik thinks it might have just been a viral marketing stunt. Whether it was just for Go Pro advertising or not, the resulting video is fun to watch nonetheless.

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The go karts used in the making of the video look to be Razor “Crazy Cars.” These spunky little bits of machinery run off a rechargeable battery and can go up to 12 miles per hour. If that’s not fun, then I’m not sure what is.

If anyone is planning on doing this in the future, make sure you invite me. Seriously. I will happily travel.

News Source: Jalopnik