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The New Premium: Chevrolet Takes a Bite from Your Babysitting Budget

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The new premium

The less than charming child in “The New Premium”

This last month, Chevrolet has been rolling out a series of new ads, which all promote the phrase #TheNew. Many of these are heartwarming and funny, or even touch a tender spot in your heart. Take the ad called “The New Us,” which shows families of all shapes and sizes.

The New Us

Though, not all of the ads are so sweet and innocent. Just watch “The New Premium.” This ad, while showing off the new premium features in the Chevrolet Tahoe, may cause your babysitting budget to take a serious hit. As a parent of two young children, I know a good babysitter is worth his or her weight in gold; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pay them that way.

Just watch the commercial and then we’ll talk about it.

The New Premium

First off, I know it’s just a commercial and it’s not real, but as a former babysitter and current parent in need of occasional babysitters, it just makes me mad. The mom’s reaction to the babysitter trying to hustle her is exactly how I would feel.

the new premium

Um, really? You got to sit on the couch for a few hours and play on your iPad and you want how much money? How about coming back to reality, taking the $40, and going to your room to think about what you just did?

I did my fair share of babysitting through middle and high school and never got paid as much as this girl wants. Of course, if you’re having someone else take care of your children, you want them to do a good job, but in reality, babysitting is almost always an easy job. Serve an easy-to-make dinner like macaroni and cheese, watch some TV, help a couple of kids put on their pajamas, and call it a night.

It’s not the amount of money that bothered me, but the fact that the girl is asking for more because she thinks the family is rich. If they had agreed on $60 beforehand, then give her $60. But don’t take advantage of someone based on your false perceptions.

I know as a parent I’m trying hard to make sure my kids grow up learning right from wrong and the value of working hard. They are still toddlers, but if they ever did something like this, I would be appalled and would make them give all the money back.

Maybe next time, Chevrolet can find a better way to showcase its upscale features without portraying kids as greedy.