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The News Wheel All-Inclusive Guide to Car Seat Safety

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As a parent (or other caregiver), keeping your little backseat drivers safe is a top priority while driving. The best way to do this is with car seats that have been properly selected and installed. In the following guide to car seat safety, use our tips and expert resources to make sure your little ones are as safe as possible.

Choosing a Car Seat

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Choosing the Right Car Seat

Creating a save driving environment for our kids often starts before they are even born. Before you hit the store to shop for the perfect car seat, it is important to know what you are looking for. Buying age-appropriate equipment is essential. Learn how to choose the right car seat…



Installing a Car Seat

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Installing the Car Seat

To truly be effective, a car seat needs to be installed correctly. If you aren’t strapping them in properly, then why bother at all? Maximize the safety features on your car seat with a good install. Learn how to correctly install your car seat…




coats and car seats

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Coats and Car Seats

Winter rides can provide a whole new challenge for parents. It took you twenty minutes to get them into that coat, then you took it off so they could go potty, then put it back on again… and now you’ve got to cram them in the seat with that thing on? Learn why coats and car seats just don’t mix…




car seat expire

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Do Car Seats Expire?

Just like milk and eggs, car seats have an expiration date. But why? Learn more about the expiration dates stamped on car seats, and why you should heed them.




Used Car Seats

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Are Used Car Seats Safe?

Is it okay to buy a used car seat? What are some of the things that you should know before taking on a second-hand seat? Learn what to look for when you go shopping for a used car seat.




Cars with Built-in Booster Seats

Some new model cars include built-in booster seats that can fold-away for when the kids finally grow out of them. Learn more about these models that turn safety into convenience…