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The News Wheel Editors: Celebrity Road Trip Buddies

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The News Wheel Automotive News Staff
The News Wheel Automotive News Staff

Who you travel with can be more important than where you travel to. And, while average folk seldom get the opportunity to travel with celebrities, one can dream. Here are some stars that we editors would love to hit the road with.

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I would love to take a road trip with Aubrey Plaza. I’ve been a fan of hers since I first saw her on “Parks and Recreation.” She’s hilarious and makes every interview she’s in more fun and entertaining. I imagine even long, boring stretches of road would be exciting with her in the passenger seat, and we’d probably make lots of random detours along the way. This is now a new unrealistic goal of mine. 


I’d pick Guy Fieri. Because he’d know all the neatest places to stop and eat along the way.


I think it’d be fun to have some podcasters, like the McElroy brothers, along for a road trip. Everything’s more enjoyable with people who can provide fun facts and witty commentary.

But if I had to pick just one celebrity to bring along on a road trip, I’d have to choose Hank Green. Between all of the video series he’s produced and the works that he’s written, he seems like a funny, insightful person with a lot of knowledge on varied subjects. And on top of that, he’s a musician and vocalist! So I’d have a sing-along buddy for the road.


Since a road trip can be made or broken by the company you keep, I have put some major thought into my celebrity choice — Melissa McCarthy. Not only is McCarthy a gifted comedian, a talented actress, and a creative powerhouse, she also appears to be a genuine, kind, loving, and fun person. I don’t think there would be a dull moment traveling with McCarthy.

I also think McCarthy has a spontaneous streak, so there would be unexpected stops along the way, which would help enrich the road trip itself. When she’s not making me laugh with her quirky insights or inspiring stories of her rise in the movie business, I think we could bond over motherhood and our shared home state of Illinois; she grew up in Plainfield, and I grew up in Chicago.


It’s hard to choose just one celebrity but the first one that comes to mind is Ed Sheeran. Why? 1) He could provide live music to serenade the trip (and probably compose a few new tunes by the time we reach the destination). 2) He’s such a charismatic, chill, and positive person that he’d help keep the journey pleasant and upbeat when I’m growing stir-crazy on the drive and there are still many miles left to go.

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