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The News Wheel Editors: Summer-Themed Songs to Accompany Warm-Weather Drives

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summer road trip
Summer drives are great for soaking in seasonal warmth, beautiful views, and good music
Photo: Avinash Patel via Pexels

A curated collection of songs can help set the mood for your summer road trips and joy rides. Here are just some of our favorite summer-themed songs for your listening pleasure.

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Island in the Sun by Weezer is my go-to summer song. Every time I hear it, the song brings me back to summer nights driving around my hometown with friends. I appreciate it for not only being one of Weezer’s best songs but also for being in the criminally underrated film, “Aquamarine.”


With its laid-back groove and nostalgic lyrics, Chuck Prophet’s “Summertime Thing” absolutely nails the feeling of a leisurely, fun-filled summer day that you hope will never end — and it sounds amazing while you’re cruising down a country road with the windows rolled down.


I have to admit, most of my favorite summer songs come from video game soundtracks. There are a ton of cute, summery, tropical songs in Mario, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing games. But I’m going to pick something a little more conventional.

Even though it’s not specifically a summer-themed song, “Boy Lilikoi” by Jonsi is one song that helps get me into the summer spirit. I’m not sure why I’ve come to associate the hottest season with music by an Icelandic artist, but the association stands!


Blanco White’s “Olalla” feels like warmth and sun to me, so it’s an appropriate tune for summer drives. The lyrics conjure up images of calm and hopefulness while the punchy percussion and charango strumming pairs well with singer Josh Edwards’ otherworldly vocals. “Rest your eyes and stay in the shade…believe in better times…”

Interestingly enough, Edwards wrote the song as a tribute to the Southern European towns and villages that were constructed and later abandoned as residents migrated to other jobs. He was struck by the beauty of these places as well as the melancholy reality of their emptiness — and the inevitability of change that pervades our world. (OK, getting off of the musician-rant soapbox now…)

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