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The Opel GT Concept Sure is a Handsome, Weird Thing on Wheels

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Opel GT Concept

Opel GT Concept

Opel has given the world its first look at the insane Opel GT Concept, which will be revealed in earnest at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show from March 3rd-13th. It’s hard to quantify the nuttiness of this thing in words, but fortunately, the first images kind of take care of a lot of that. Seriously. Look at it.

The Opel GT is said to be a spiritual successor of the Monza Concept due to its front mid-engine and rear-wheel drive platform. The idea behind its bold design: to signal what sports cars can and might look like in the future.

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“We are taking the next step towards even more emotion and driving pleasure with the Opel GT Concept. The GT Concept shows what Opel stands for now. We are confident, ambitious, innovative and we want win over more customers with every new car,” said Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann.

The innovative design includes large, handleless doors with integrated side windows that open with a press of a touchpad located in the roof’s red signature line. The lack of sideview mirrors is offset by the presence of two monitors in the cockpit that are connected to two cameras mounted behind the wheel arches. It’s seamless and sleek, like a Corvette pulled straight out of 2099. It’s just…it’s very bonkers, but also very appealing.

Expect to see more of this beast by next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

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Gallery: Opel GT Concept

Opel GT Concept