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The Predicted Trend of Mobile Convenience Stores

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While some cite EVs as a potential reason that convenience stores are on the decline, others claim that rideshare services are another potential “nail in the coffin” for this conventional entity.

A new startup called Cargo is partnering with rideshare drivers who wish to earn a bit more cash on the job. When drivers sign up to participate, Cargo ships them packed convenience supplies such as candy bars, energy drinks, Advil, and phone charging cables. The driver then keeps these products stored in the rideshare vehicle and hands them out to paying passengers. Passengers can pay for the products via their smartphone, for convenience.

Per Alex Davies, contributor to Wired, Cargo has launched in key urban hubs including Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Chicago, D.C., and Minneapolis. The company aims to partner with as many as 20,000 drivers by the end of 2018.

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Besides focusing on U.S. expansion, Cargo recently established its services in Singapore via a partnership with rideshare service Grab. Drivers who participate in the “Grab&Go” collaborative service have garnered about $200 of extra income per month, just by selling these additional convenience store items.

As rideshare services continue to thrive, experts predict an increase in consumer demand for mobile convenience services that will help enhance the driving experience for passengers. This imminent trend embodies a shift in marketing philosophy—entrepreneurs will start viewing passengers as customers. Similarly to how EVs and automated vehicles will create more free time for people, ridesharing will reduce the time and energy that the average individual spends on driving. This, in turn, will create a void for alternative products and recreational services that passengers might be interested in accessing during their commutes.

We anticipate more news in the days ahead as mobile convenience stores morph into more portable options, creating a space for new services and products that passenger-customers will want to purchase.

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News Source: Wired