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The Pros and Cons of Velour and DuraPlus Seat Covers

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Are you trying to determine whether you should purchase velour seat covers or DuraPlus options? While both of these seat covers are great to use as a way of protecting your car’s seats from damage, you may still be interested in learning more about the pros and cons of each seat cover fabrics before you decide which covers you would rather purchase.

The Pros of Velour

Velour covers are best known for their soft texture and added comfort. These covers are great if you would like to increase the amount of comfort you experience while seated in your vehicle. Aside from an increased amount of comfort, velour options come in different styles and colors. You can show off your personality by choosing bright colors or bold patterns.

The Cons of Velour

Although there is a number of advantages associated with velour, the only real disadvantage is that they may be a bit warm to sit on during the summer months when the temperature outside is high. Even so, you could always choose to switch them out for the summer and then use them again during the cooler months.

The Pros of DuraPlus

DuraPlus seat covers have much to offer drivers. These can be made specifically for the seats in your vehicle to ensure that they fit like a glove. They are made to last and will not tear or tarnish easily. These covers are often treated with UV protection to keep them from fading. They are easy to clean and do not stain easily. A wet wipe or damp rag would be all you need to use to remove any dust or dirt from these covers. Most importantly, they are an affordable option that will quickly improve the look of your vehicle from the inside.

The Cons of DuraPlus

Because DuraPlus is such a great material that is UV-resistant and custom-made, there are no real cons that come along with using these covers in the car.

Now that you know more about the two different options, you may want to look into different colors and styles before selecting the material of your choice.

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