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The Salvation Army Offers Free Meals With Their Food Truck

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Around this time of year, many of your favorite storefronts are populated with those famous red donations buckets and cheerful Salvation Army volunteers ringing bells in their hands. We’ve all seen them as the holiday season rolls around, but did you know the Salvation Army also has food trucks?

The Salvation Army’s food trucks are part of their initiative to cure hunger across the nation. According to The Salvation Army, nearly 17 and a half million people go to bed hungry each night. Their initiative focuses on feeding young children, but meals are available for anyone who needs them, regardless of their age or background.

Food trucks from The Salvation Army are sent out in high areas of poverty, offering a free meal to anyone that comes to the window. Many residents in these areas rely on the truck’s daily visit for their meals.

Humankind, a popular page for heartwarming viral Facebook videos, shared the story of a man named Gregory. Gregory works on the food truck, handing out meals every day – but Gregory’s life used to be very different. In fact, he relied on the same food truck to provide him with his own meals. The food truck was a highlight of his day, which often was filled with hunger and sadness. He considers the truck a blessing, and hopes to send some more good karma out into the world.

The Salvation Army’s food truck serves communities year-round, offering meals alongside warm drinks during the cold months and ice cold drinks during the hot seasons. But food trucks aren’t their only way of providing meals to those in need – The Salvation Army serves meals through food pantries, meal programs, and by creating community gardens in food insecure areas. In fact, The Salvation Army serves more than 56 million meals every single year with an average of 156,000 meals per day.

It’s heartwarming and refreshing to see The Salvation Army working so hard to help communities throughout the country.

Watch the full video and hear Gregory’s story:

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