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The Soaring Automotive Industry of Dubai

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dubai uae city skyline at night

Dubai is one of the richest places on the planet right now. This is not only because of the huge economic market, but also because of its culture and heritage. While shopping is a favorite activity among visitors, people also like to go on fishing trips in Dubai. Another industry that is booming in Dubai is the automotive market, with an influx of luxurious vehicles hitting the streets.


Reasons for the automotive industry rise

If you look at current trends in Dubai, you’ll notice there has been a huge rise in car purchases. The residents are eager to buy new models that are becoming available. You can often spot these custom designed cars at high-rise hotels and expensive malls within the city. The recent decade has seen an upsurge in the demand for luxury cars. Young people, as well as people who have money, have developed a culture where they enjoy well-crafted vehicles. As such, Tesla is planning to invest millions in Dubai market after it saw a huge response to the launch of the Tesla X.

The people of the city gravitate towards cars from huge brands like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, as approximately one in six cars found in the city are from these brands. With this information, we can understand that there is a demand for imported cars. The people of Dubai also enjoy SUVs that they can drive on the desert.

bentley porsche luxury cars in dubai uae


Growing from within

The import market has opened up opportunities for regional automotive companies as well. They can spend their time building parts and gearing up for customizations, which are preferred by the people of Dubai. They are also trying to revive their own auto-industry by keeping prices at a good level of competition. The domestic market is definitely rising as well, which will help raise the economy of the city within the world. Dubai defines a market in the whole of the UAE.


The future of Dubai

Dubai has always set its goals way ahead of other developing cities in the world. It’s planning to make automatic cars a commonplace commodity in the city, while other plans include self-driven cop cars that will roam the city for better security of residents and tourists. Robotic cops and flying cars are a reality that Dubai is planning by the end of 2018.

This highly advanced city will definitely make a change in the world in the upcoming years. The car industry will have a further boom and we will see some of the latest models driving around Dubai. Other parts of the world will soon follow the footsteps of Dubai to make changes to their own auto industries.

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