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The Stars May Influence How You Drive

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You may have less control over your driving habits and behaviors than you thought. According to the author of Car Carma, Lee Romanov, your zodiac sign may predetermine your behaviors behind the wheel.

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As an Aries, and a person who would rather not be behind the wheel for an extended period, I was intrigued to have something to blame for my driving style, which has drastically changed over the years.

As a young driver, I was confident and excited to hit the open road. I relished road trips. Even commuting was fun. But, as I grew up and became an adult and a parent, I’ve become more cautious and focused, maybe a little more fearful, behind the wheel, seeing it more as a chore than a joy. On most trips, I’m transporting precious cargo for goodness sake. And, well, it seems like there isn’t a time where my recent journeys haven’t been peppered with careless, distracted, speeding, or irksome drivers. The open road is less exciting and more exhausting these days, I guess.

According to Romanov, as an Aries driver, I fall into third place for worst drivers. She explains that “Aries have a ‘Me First child-like nature, that drives Aries into trouble. Aries drivers are under the most impatient sign of the zodiac, and would benefit from mastering this skill. Impatience causes trouble on both large and small scales for the Aries drivers.”

Definitely not what I wanted to hear, and once I digested her words, well, I hate to say it, I can see a little nugget of truth in there. I am impatient — traffic jams, construction zones, drivers who don’t use turn signals, or know how to navigate a four-way stop definitely get under my skin.

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If you’re interested to see how your sign influences your driving style, check out Romanov’s book.