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The Waterfords Are Hitting the Road in Style on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

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Season three of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale is rolling at full speed towards its finale, and it looks like we’ll see Serena and Fred Waterford hit the road in a luxury car on this week’s episode.

You can catch a glimpse of their ride in the promo for episode 3×11, called “Liars,” below.

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Of course, when we see a car on our favorite TV shows, we try to figure out what it is. Morgan has a hunch that the black luxury car the Waterfords head to Canada in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet, and I agree with her. When Fred rolls up in the car to pick up his wife (looking creepy as ever), if you look at the steering wheel you can see the impression of the Mercedes-Benz logo. The shape of the E-Class is pretty much identical, and so are its wheel spokes. Gilead has a history with the Mercedes-Benz brand as well: Ofglen, also known as Emily, took a joy ride in one of its sedans (and then used it to run over a soldier).

The only thing that makes me wonder if this is a different vehicle is an interior shot that shows the car’s center column more clearly. The interior shots of the latest E-Class Cabriolet show the analog clock much lower on the center column than the one in Fred’s car. When we were trying to determine what convertible it was, I wondered if the circle in the center of the steering wheel, which could be the Mercedes logo, was where Gilead (or show producers) had pried out a more colorful badge, like BMW. However, it’s possible that this is an older E-Class Cabriolet, as Gilead is more than five years old at this point in the show. Germany might have cut the country, which has forced the United States government to Alaska and Hawaii, off from shipments of new cars.

[Slight spoilers for season three of the show below]

It will be interesting to see what happens during Serena and Fred’s trip on the highway to hell Canada. We know Serena’s contact, who they are presumably going to meet, is an American spy ready to offer her coconuts and a life in Hawaii in exchange for treason against the restrictive regime of Gilead. Is she still bent on bringing baby Nichole back to live in a world where she isn’t allowed to read or have a voice, or will she run to the islands with the child she always wanted?

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Not going to lie, if I wrote for the show, Serena would leave Fred with the American agent in exchange for the baby. He’s the absolute worst, and he has to be a war criminal of some sort.

There are only three episodes left of this season, including “Liars.” Hulu renewed the show for a fourth season, but I hope we get the answers we crave before the season break.