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The Weirdest and Wildest Driving Video Games of All Time

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Photo: Hiroh Satoh

When it comes to cars in video games, there are a few recurring favorites that nearly everyone can name: Forza, DiRT Rally, Mario Kart, and Grand Theft Auto. But what’s lurking behind the superstars? Here’s a list of obscure, old, or forgotten games — and maybe some you’ll wish you could forget.

High Standards: Why buy Mazda CPO vehicles?

Multi Level 4 Car Parking Simulator a Real Driving Test Run Racing Games

Pop quiz — what’s your favorite part of driving? The freedom of the open road? Feeling the wind in your hair? Well, this long-titled mobile game lets you enjoy the most heart-pounding, action-packed aspect of driving — finding a spot in a multi-level parking garage. If you can’t get enough of that car-parking action, check out other, uh, gems like “Gas Station: Car Parking Sim” and “Shopping Mall Car Parking Simulator a Real Driving Racing Game.” In true mobile game fashion, each one comes with available microtransactions to unlock new cars. Seriously, though, why is this even a genre? Oh, yeah. Money. Right.

Literally Everything by Excalibur Games

Ever wanted to be a truck driver? How about a train conductor, a taxi driver, a tourist bus driver, or even just a regular bus driver? Excalibur Games lets you do it all from the comfort of your gaming chair. These surprisingly well-made simulation games/RPGs offer good physics, lovely scenery, dynamic weather, and a satisfying gameplay loop. The games let you explore routes in both the United States and Europe, with plenty of available expansion packs. The video above features Jalopy, a charming low-poly take on Excalibur’s simulation games.

Pyongyang Racer

Just a heads up before your watch the video — turn down your volume. Your eardrums will thank me later.

Yeah, North Korea made a video game. This 2012 title sends you driving — not really racing — through the gray, flat, empty streets of Pyongyang. Of course, a smiling traffic cop barks orders at you. Seeing this, I can’t help but feel really bad for North Korean gamers. Imagine finally getting to experience an interactive virtual world, only to discover that it involves getting bossed around by an authoritarian blowhard. At least they can blare that ear-blasting horn to their heart’s content.

Enviro Bear 2000

Enviro Bear 2000 just might be the most realistic simulation of what it’s like to be a driving bear. This game gives your grizzly avatar five minutes to drive around, gathering fish and berries to feast upon before hibernating. And just to add a little more spice, it features quite possibly the most un-intuitive steering mechanics ever coded. Honestly, it’s so bad, it circles back around to being impressive.

Don’t Drive Like a Bear: The Mazda CX-5

What’s the worst driving-related game you’ve ever played? Sound off in the comments below.