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There are No Stupid Questions, Especially When Trying to Find a Car to Fit Your Lifestyle

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Buying a new car is a major investment, and it’s so easy to get distracted by all the bells and whistles available on new vehicles. New cars are just so shiny; it’s no wonder car buyers morph into magpies within moments of stepping into a dealership. That’s why it’s so important for you to keep your wits about you to find a car that fits not only your wants, but also your needs and lifestyle.

And to help you keep a level head when in car-buying mode, the experts at recommend really evaluating how a car feels when you get behind the wheel. A few questions they want you to keep in mind include: “Are the door handles easy to operate? Can kids get in and out by themselves? How heavy are the doors, and can you open them with one hand if you’re holding bags? Does the wheel feel comfortable with your hands at the nine and three o’clock positions?”

They also recommend establishing your driving position and testing out if your pedals remain “at least 10 inches between your chest and the steering wheel;” plus, make sure you have comfortable head room.

What about visibility? The experts want you to focus on what you can see and how well you can see it—is the panel clear, can you see outside the car without contorting your body, and can you see your car’s exterior well enough to park without incident?

Do you like what you see? The experts suggest taking a good look at the car’s interior—is the navigation panel pleasing and helpful to your eyes, are the materials quality, can you manipulate controls easily and safely while driving and what about locks, levers, and releases—are they simple to find and use?

Does it have smart storage and ample cargo space? Only you know what you need to haul everyday—the experts want you to be sure your next car buy has a place for everything to keep everything in its place.

Any time on the road is better with good music, and the experts want you to check if the sound system and infotainment options work for you.

And, even though the majority of your time will be spent in the driver’s seat, if you have regular passengers (kids), check out their seats, suggest the experts because the last thing you need while driving is a complaining human.

Make sure the car comes with a spare tire and that your battery and fluid compartments are easy to find and utilize, advise the experts. A car that isn’t easy to maintain and service—no matter how sweet it looks—is not worth your money.

News Source: Consumer Reports