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These Are Some of the Most Unique Christmas Car Decorations You’ll See This Year

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A Christmas Story Flat tire oldsmobile car oh fudge scene

Photo: MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

Tomorrow is the first day of November. If you’re like me, that means it’s the beginning of the Christmas season! (Yes, I know Thanksgiving exists. Do I care? No. That holiday is historically problematic and kind of boring.) Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and to get into the spirit, I’ve decided to find some of the most unique Christmas car decorations. Get your biggest comfy sweater, some hot cocoa, and settle in. By the time you’re done with this article, you’ll want to head out for some caroling around the neighborhood.

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christmas tree car topper red vehicle new york city

Christmas tree car topper

You’ve heard of a Christmas tree topper (you know, angels, stars, etc), but have you seen the Christmas tree CAR topper? The product, sold by the Home Shopping Network, goes for just over $100 and will let everyone know just how much you love the holidays. With the ability to be suction-cupped on the roof or strapped to the roof rails/windows, you’ll be able to take this portable celebration of Christmas with you wherever you go.


santa claus back seat car cling

Santa Claus backseat passenger

Do you feel like having tons of children scream at your car when you pass them in their family minivan? Consider purchasing a Santa Backseat Driver car cling from Amazon for just $4.98 (if you have Prime)! The sticker clings to the either the inside or outside of the vehicle’s window, but reviewers have noted that it’s safer to put it on the inside. An additional note is to not roll the window down while Santa is on board, unless you want to give children shredded Santa nightmares.


elf legs christmas decorations trunk vehicle

Elf legs on the trunk

Again, this could potentially be a bit frightening (or silly) for children glancing at your car. But you can purchase an exterior magnet for your vehicle to make it appear that an elf got caught with its legs outside as you closed the trunk. Clearly, this isn’t as ghoulish as a severed hand or arm, as is the case for some Halloween décor. Also of note: There’s an option to switch to Santa legs! You can get this fun Christmas decoration on Amazon for $16.88-18.93, depending on which legs you choose.


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