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Thief Steals Cleveland Car with 5-Year-Old Inside

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In the Lee-Miles neighborhood of Cleveland, an unfortunate aunt not only had her car stolen, but also her 5-year-old nephew.

The incident happened at a Shell gas station around 2:15 pm on Wednesday. What the woman intended as likely an errand inside the gas station and back to her car turned into an unfortunate escapade. She had left her car’s engine still running, with her nephew still inside, and had taken a few steps out of the car to go inside when suddenly a man hijacked her car and sped off.

The woman chased after the car and another driver who witnessed the scene followed the stolen car in an attempt to catch the thief and regain the car. Police claimed that the hijacker shot at the person following behind him at least once.

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Eventually, the driver must’ve grown tired of the young passenger in back and just dropped him off on East 140th Street and Glendale Avenue. Thankfully, the boy was unharmed. However, the police are still searching for the car as well as the thief.

This unfortunate tale highlights the importance of not leaving children unattended in the car. Here are some safety tips from the aptly-named website, Never Leave a Child Unattended, to help you make a practice of bringing your child with you into buildings when you’re running errands. So (hopefully), you can avoid any kidnapping incidents like the one we just mentioned.

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Safe Strategies for Running Errands with Children

  • Every time you exit your car, double-check your vehicle to make sure that you haven’t forgotten or misplaced the young passengers you’re in charge of.
  • Don’t leave kids in the car no matter how fast you plan on doing an errand.
  • When shopping or running errands, keep children close to you and within sight.
  • Make sure to accompany them to public bathrooms, to help ensure their safety.
  • Opt for going through drive-thrus rather than going in to a building, whenever possible (e.g. restaurant, library, pharmacy).

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