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Things to Keep in Mind When Moving On Your Own

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Moving is stressful, there’s no doubt about it. On top of the lifestyle adjustment, switching over your bills, and the general disruption of your daily life, you have to worry about transporting all of your stuff. Many people will hire a moving company, but that can be extremely pricey. If you’re moving your stuff on your own, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Your Car’s Towing Capacity

Just because you have an SUV that can fit a lot of stuff in it does not mean that it’s equipped to carry it all for you. Be sure you check your vehicle’s towing capacity to ensure it is capable of carrying all of the weight you’re putting on its shoulders.

Rental Prices

If you have a small sedan, it may be difficult for you to fit all of your belongings inside the vehicle (forget about furniture completely). Sometimes renting a vehicle is the way to go. Make sure you price the difference in cost between rental companies, the type of vehicle (a pick-up truck, cargo van, trailer, or larger truck), and whether or not it’s cheaper to drive the vehicle one-way or return it where you rented it.


Hiring A Little Help

Many moving services have an option where you can hire one or two people for an hour instead of an entire moving company. This is a much less expensive option and it can help you when you really need it the most.

Pack the Car Like Jenga

Start with the cardboard boxes, the larger ones first. More malleable totes and bags can be packed in around the boxes in smaller crevices. Also, note where the fragile objects are, such as plates and other dinnerware, and pack items tightly around them to keep them in place during your journey.

Moving on your own can be a daunting task, but keeping in mind these tips and tricks should prepare you and help give you peace of mind.