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This Former Restaurant in Austria Looks Like a Giant VW Beetle!

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The Car. Das Auto VW Beetle building

The Car. Das Auto looks splendid lit up at night
Photo: Neumayr for The Car. Das Auto

All across America, you’ll find retro diners with nostalgic touches that hearken back to the classic cars of the 1950s– bumpers on the walls, booths shaped like old Cadillacs, drive-ins with memorabilia everywhere…

But an old restaurant in Austria took this love of cars even further with its building actually modeled after the Volkswagen Beetle!

Check Out This Wild, Custom Car-Themed Building!

The history of this giant, round building called “The Car. Das Auto” began over a decade ago when architect Markus Voglreiter renovated a boring 1970s-style home into a residence shaped like the original VW Bug. It took many years to complete, but the final product was such a hit that this “Auto Residence” inspired Volgreiter to create a much larger, multi-floor version called “The Car. Das Auto.”

This humongous building was originally intended–and used–as a restaurant/bar when it opened on August 31, 2007. Its opening ceremony included special guests and ATV racing on an adjacent course.  The building took  €1.6 million (or $1.8 million) to construct; both it and the Auto Residence are filled with eco-friendly heating, insulation, and energy facets.

Unfortunately, the restaurant only ran from 2007 to 2012, when it was replaced by architectural and construction company operations. Visitors are still able to take tours of the building and reserve it for hosting private events. It may look like a cartoon-like car from the outside, but the inside is surprisingly chic and elegant.

For information, visit The Car. Das Auto’s website.