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This Gallery of Giant Monsters Destroying Cars Is Incredibly Satisfying

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From Godzilla to King Kong, these kaiju crush cars

If there’s one thing that goes hand-in-hand with giant monster movies–even more so than rubber suits–it’s destruction. Since their introduction to the big screen, Japanese and American kaiju have been depicted wreaking havoc on metropolitan landscapes. And of course, those crowded city streets are filled with vehicles–both full-size and miniature–that become collateral damage.

If you’re a giant monster movie fan, or if you’re carrying an excessive amount of stress, the following collection of gargantuan brutes pounding valuable vehicles.

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Giant Monsters Put the Stomp on Tiny Vehicles

Undeniably, the king of crushing cars and stomping traffic is the big lizard himself, Godzilla. The King of the Monsters is notorious for lumbering his way through crowded streets without concern for vehicular casualties.

Classic Godzilla wrecks vehicles monster gif

Talk about putting your foot down!

Classic Godzilla foot stomps cars in traffic gif

Ah, what a classic…

Godzilla pickup up smashing car gif

The Fiats taste like Skittles

cartoon giant monster stomping crush car

The animated Godzilla series shows graphic vehicular destruction

Godzilla stomping city traffic streets

That took out, like, 17 Nissans right there–or one Escalade

Godzilla 1998 stomping taxis movie gif

Even the 1998 Godzilla gets his stomp on in NYC

godzilla traffic street stomp model destruction gif

Sometimes it’s just too much effort to stomp

Not one to let the Japanese superstar take all the glory, the big ape King Kong has smacked up his share of vehicles–particularly ones with people in them.

King Kong car smash movie gif

It’s like playing tiddlywinks!

King Kong Gorilla ape son junior smashing truck gif

Only the best trucks could withstand this

King Kong Lives movie luxury car foot stomp

Even Lamborghinis can’t survive the formidable feet of Kong

Even back in the early age of B-movie monsters, when stop motion animated beasts roamed the black-and-white streets, giant monsters were putting their footprints on cinema.

Ray Harryhausen beast from 20000 fathoms scene car smash

Of course, we can’t forget¬†how many other memorable monsters¬†have wrecked their way through traffic.

Gotta love The Simpsons

Not a kaiju, but still destructive!

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