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This Is Almost Certainly the Mid-Engine Corvette, And It Looks Awesome

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Rumors and reports of an incoming mid-engine Corvette have circulated for some time, including rumors of the Corvette Zora (and rumors that it may actually be a Cadillac) as well as multiple reports predicting the coming of a mid-engine Corvette to appeal to younger, new buyers.

We have even seen some early spy shots of what appears to be a very mid-engine-y-looking Corvette, but which we couldn’t be certain of due to the blurriness of the spy shot (the cameraperson seemed to have been physically inside of a bush while taking them), as well as the vehicle’s resemblance to the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Now, though, some pretty clear images have leaked out of a mid-engine test vehicle kicking it in the snow with a collection of other Corvette prototypes.

Here it is next to some of the other Corvette test cars, including one that we are pretty certain is the ZR1.

This association with the other Corvette test cars makes it pretty likely that this isn’t a Cadillac, as was implied for the Zora. Of course, that doesn’t entirely rule out that this mid-engine prototype could end up being a new flagship for GM’s most luxurious brand.

The new mid-engine Corvette may pick up a new dual-overhead-cam V8 engine called the LT5, the successor to the supercharged LT4 found in the current Corvette Z06. In any case, the mid-engine Corvette is still not expected to be definitively revealed for a year, yet, and Chevrolet is certainly not opening up to talk about it.

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