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This Man is Planting Flowers in Potholes to Protest the Bad Roads in Brussels

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Peaceful protests can take form in many different ways. From joining marches and boycotts to donating to your favorite charities, there are plenty of ways to stand up and speak up for what you believe in. This Belgian activist is channeling his frustrations to add a little color to the city of Brussels.

The roads in downtown Brussels are not in the best condition. Potholes are scattered throughout the streets, causing loud disruptions to the community as people speed over them. Not only are potholes frustrating and downright annoying, but they can also cause damage to you and your vehicle. 29-year-old Anton Schuurmans decided he’d had enough of the streets’ lack of upkeep and took it upon himself to fill in the potholes — with flowers.

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“Pedestrians, bicycles, people with their cars, everybody is being annoyed by these potholes,” he said. Schuurmans has been decorating the city streets with geraniums and daffodils in order to bring government attention to the growing problem. He stops traffic to fill the potholes, a bag of soil and plastic watering can in hand. And guess what — it’s working.

“At least one pothole has been repaired two days after I planted the flower in it,” Schuurmans told Reuters. “I was quite happy to see that.”

Making a difference doesn’t have to require donating billions of dollars or dedicating 40 hours a week to volunteer work. Sometimes, simple actions like planting flowers speak louder than words. So if the potholes in your neighborhood are getting out of control, consider planting some flowers.

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News Sources: Reuters and ABC News