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Three Adjustments to Improve Car Performance

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You might want to invest in aftermarket products or accessory upgrades to enhance your car’s aesthetics or style. But, did you know that there are modifications that you can do to improve your car’s performance that won’t necessitate you driving only on a racetrack?

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According to How Stuff Works writer Cherise Threewitt, there are lawful modifications that you can apply to your ride to make it more powerful and smooth. However, she does recommend checking state laws regarding any upgrade that impacts your car’s performance.

Investing in a quality suspension system that follows your state’s laws for ride height adjustments can greatly improve the way your car handles, according to Threewitt.

A second popular modification according to Threewitt is altering your car with a supercharger or turbocharger.

“These devices ‘boost’ your engine by forcing in more air, thus creating more power. Unlike nitrous oxide, however, turbochargers and superchargers are legal as long as they don’t cause your car to fail your state’s emissions check or safety inspection,” she reports.

Changing up your interior seats to sports seats can improve your driving comfort and help you feel more like you’re in command of a race car.

“Many manufacturers of actual racing seats caution buyers that they are not suitable for street cars, mainly because racecar seats are designed to be used with race harnesses, which are not legal for use as an alternative to a car’s factory seatbelt. However, some manufacturers, like Recaro, make sport seats that are legal for street use. Just make sure you can use your factory seatbelt and that installation won’t disable any of your car’s airbags,” writes Threewitt.

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As long as the modifications you make to your car’s performance fall within legal limits, certain changes can improve your driving life.

News Source: How Stuff Works