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Three Tips on How to Organize Your Car Trunk

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Organize Your Car Trunk

Regardless of what rappers have been telling us for the past decade, sometimes it’s not okay to have junk in your trunk. For the majority of people, car trunks have become an extremely large version of their kitchen junk drawer, capable of swallowing anything and everything that comes near it whole. Instead of letting your car’s trunk resemble Oscar the Grouch’s home, follow these three great tips on how to organize your car trunk in order to optimize your car’s cargo space.

Separate items based on the activity they are for. Families who have kids in multiple different sports or outdoor activities can easily keep the items needed for each grouped together. This will make dropping the twins off at soccer practice a breeze.

Check out available organizers. It’s amazing how many products there are for merely organizing the trunk of your car. Whether it’s hanging bags that seamlessly hang from your back seat (perfect for minivans and SUVs!) or plastic, portable file cabinets for those of you who work on the road, the options are endless. Even a simple cardboard box is perfect for any trunk and easy to find—not to mention cheap.

Be prepared for emergencies. Making sure that you always have some emergency supplies on hand at all times is an important part of organizing your trunk. When you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a dead cell phone battery, you might regret not having packed a phone charger before now. If you need a list of important emergency supplies to keep in your car, check here! It’s easy to keep all you might need in a small emergency bag or plastic storage bin.

These three little tips are a great way to keep your trunk from being a clutter-fest, while ensuring you’re prepared for anything. If you have any of your own tips you’d like to tell us, feel free to share below!