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3 Tips for Organizing Your Car Trunk

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If you’re anything like me, your car trunk is a mess of dog toys (and the accompanying dog hair), spare clothes for the kids, and random sweatshirts you threw in just in case you got cold while out of the house. When you need to find a specific item in a messy trunk, it can take several minutes and multiple curse words before you stumble upon what you need. These three tips for organizing your car trunk can make your life easier, as well as saving your hard-earned money from the swear jar.

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Categorize items

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Categorizing your items can make it easier to find things in a hurry. If your kids play soccer, make sure all the soccer gear is together. Gather together workout gear like yoga mats, spare shoes and socks, and sweat towels. Dog treats and toys can be separated from everything else (though, unfortunately, the dog hair cannot). While you’re categorizing items, you can also ask yourself whether these items need to stay in your car or whether you can further organize your trunk by removing some of the junk.

Invest in trunk organizers

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Many automakers offer trunk organizers made to fit in specific vehicles. Check your local dealership parts department to see what’s in stock. Alternatively, you can hit up a big box store and buy some plastic bins or drawer organizers to keep in your trunk. The latter will likely be less expensive than the former, but these organizers may not fit in your car trunk as well as those made by your car’s manufacturer. In a pinch, use some empty Amazon Prime boxes or shoeboxes to keep your trunk contents in order.

Prepare for emergencies

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Every trunk should contain an emergency kit, and it should be kept in an easy-to-find place. At the very least, you should keep a spare phone charger, a first aid kit, some non-perishable snacks, and bottled water in your emergency kit. Also consider blankets or hoodies to keep you warm if you get stranded somewhere in the middle of winter. A flashlight can also help if you get stuck somewhere in the dark — and don’t forget spare batteries. It’s also a good idea to keep some basic tools and jumper cables in your trunk so you can restart a dead battery or perform minor car repairs on the road. Keep all the items of your emergency kit in the same place — you could even organize it into subcategories like food items, essentials, and car repair items.

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An organized trunk can make your life on the road so much easier — with or without kids or dogs. Follow these tips and enjoy a tidy and organized car trunk (and life).