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Speed Cameras Watching Toronto Drivers

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Toronto traffic
Photo: James Schwartz (Creative Commons 2.0)

Drivers in the city of Toronto who exceed posted speed limits will soon get a memento of their drive. The city of Toronto will be issuing tickets to drivers whose speeding offenses have been recorded by one of the 50 installed Automatic Speed Enforcement cameras.

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“Starting on July 6, anyone caught going over the speed limit in the 50 locations will be ticketed. Each ward in Toronto has two cameras,” reports the Toronto City News staff.

Speeding offenses are vetted before tickets are sent to the registered driver based on the car’s license plate number. Even if the driver registered to the vehicle was not driving, they will receive the speeding ticket in the mail.

For every kilometer over the speed limit between one and 19 kilometers, a driver will be fined five dollars. The fine goes up to $7.50 for exceeding posted limits of between 20 and 29 kilometers. A fine of $12 per kilometer over speed limits of 30 and 49 is the next level of punishment. Drivers who exceed 50 kilometers per hour will receive a summons.

“During the trial period in February and March, Transportation Services sent out more than 25,000 warning letters to drivers who had been caught speeding by the cameras, outlining the risks of speeding and encouraging them to change their behavior,” according to the Toronto City News.

Signage will alert drivers that the cameras are operational and ticketing is possible. Although the cameras appeared at the end of January of 2020, the pandemic extended the originally set trial period of 90 days.

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Mayor John Tory said the cameras, which are part of Toronto’s Vision Zero program, are a vital tool in helping to curb speeding, especially since many of the cameras monitor school zones.