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Tiny Nissans Ready for Micra Cup

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2016 Micra Cup Limited Edition

Motorsports are a great way to test the performance of a car, but usually they are restricted to individuals and teams with ample funds to build an expensive race car. NASCAR drivers are not wearing all of those patches because they are stylish; they need the money from those sponsors to even step foot on the tracks of the Sprint Cup, let alone race a vehicle.

Race fans in Canada who have dreamed of taking to the track in a car of their own should check out the Nissan Micra Cup. Last year was the Micra Cup’s first season, and this year more dates are being added to the schedule. Beginning in May, the Micra Cup will run 16 races in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Last year the race cars cost less than $20,000 and were modified versions of the production Nissan Micra. While many teams still have sponsors, the low cost of entry allowed auto enthusiasts to put their skills and work to the test in a fun way.

For race fans who want their own Nissan Micra to look like a race car, the 2016 Nissan Micra Cup Limited Edition will arrive in dealerships in early spring 2016. This special edition car will bring together the best of the track and production version of the Nissan Micra for a car truly ready to rule the road.